V4 Conference 2018 / Łódź, Poland @ Łódź, Łódź [od 26 do 29 kwietnia]

V4 Conference 2018 / Łódź, Poland

26 - 29
14:00 - 16:00

 Strona wydarzenia
Centrum, 90-008 Łódź
After the success of last year's edition of the V4 conference in Hungary, iit would be an enormous loss not to continue that fantastic event. Therefore, we have great pleasure to invite you for the second edition of international V4 Conference for Medical Students.

Nowadays we’re not allowed to stop, we’re forced to live constantly in the run. Stress, social pressure and other external factors often have huge impact on our health. According to the most recent WHO data, at least 300 million people in the world are currently suffering from depression. In addition, in the past 10 years, an increase of 18% has been observed in diagnosing this condition. This is why we’ve choosen mental health as a theme of the conference.

In 2018 we will host you in Łódź — an extraordinary city in the heart of Poland. Łódź has always been a multicultural city — in past it blended citizens of different religions and nationalities, especially Jewish, Russian, Prussian and of course Polish. Not without a reason it is called 'City of 4 cultures'. Nowadays, Łódź is still a vibrant city with almost 800 thousand citizens and 130 thousand students. It's famous for uniqe industrial architechtere, street art and many festivals.

We believe that you’ll fall in love with this creative character in April 2018 and we will spend together amazing days. Days that will remain forever in your memory.

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